Should the Ravens Still Pursue Karlos Dansby


Sept 23, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins middle linebacker Karlos Dansby (58) reacts during a game against the New York Jets during a game at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens roster is always in a state of flux. That seems doubly true right now for the Inside Linebacker spot even after drafting Arthur Brown, the Ravens are still thin at the position. Their depth chart consists of Brown, a rookie. Jameel McClain, a former starter coming off a serious and uncertain injury. Courtney Upshaw, a converted OLB. Bryan Hall, a converted DT. Albert McClellin, a converted OLB and Rolando McClain, a player with an arrest record longer than the Ravens practice field. Not much there.

Ideally the Ravens would keep Upshaw at OLB transitioning him in and out from left to right to keep himself, Dumervil and Suggs all fresh. They would then use a rotation of McClain, McClain and Brown as their starters and the rest can compete for play time. That would be the ideal scenario. That said, the Ravens could very well cut R. McClain at any point in time, especially if he were to get arrested again(which isnt out of the question), and J. McClain could possibly re-injure his neck, spinal injuries are tricky and dangerous. If either of those two things would happen The Ravens would be forced to give a converted player a lot of play time or start the remaining McClain(fully dependent on a habitual criminal or a high injury risk) every snap. Not good.

So with that in mind, should tha Ravens pursue Karlos Dansby? yes. 1000 times yes.

Dansby is far and away the best linebacker on the market, and is very comparable to Dannell Ellerbe and will likely come at a steep discount. if the Bryant McKinnie signing showed us anything, it is that the market is extremely low on all the remaining players. Dansby won’t be immune to that. The Ravens, with Dansby, would be able to put R. McClain on the back burner while they figure out his legal situation and focus on a starting rotation of J. McClain, Dansby and Brown. That would allow the Ravens to have one proven and safe commodity in Dansby and not force them to put too much pressure on Arthur Brown. Signing Dansby would be a win win.