Rookies Impress in OTAs


May 5, 2013; Owings Mills, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens safety Matt Elam (31) and cornerback Marc Anthony (36) participate in the Ravens Rookie Camp at the Under Armour Performance Center. Mandatory Credit: Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports

Rookie OTAs have been going on all week for a handful of NFl teams, including the Baltimore Ravens, and reviews are in. The Ravens verdict, impressive class.

Late rounders Ricky Wagner and Ryan Jensen both received big praise from reporters and coaches. Jensen has been praised as playing with a big time mean streak and a ton of physicality. One reporter said he thinks Jensen could end up being the Ravens next Marshall Yanda(i.e. under the radar lineman that becomes a really good starter). Wagner received some praise for his better than advertised feet and technique.

Neither of those guys are expected to start anytime soon, but both could be good depth guys and Jensen will compete at center.

Brandon Williams is the under the radar guy, but he received a lot of good marks. He reportedly absorbed double teams and triple teams on ever snap and was still able to drive back opposition. He strength was described to me as “impressive”. That is high praise because everyone in the NFL is strong. to be among the strongest of the strong is a big deal.

The guys that had the most praise rained down upon them though were, predictably, the Ravens top two picks. Arthur Brown and Matt Elam. Elam in particular received some glowing remarks from the coaches. Elam learned the defense almost instantly and was able to fly all around the field and make instinct plays because he wasnt having to think at all. That is pretty awesome for a rookie OTA. Brown drew similar reviews. He was calling out adjustments and supposedly looked and played bigger then he is. For a guy whose biggest issue was size, playing and looking bigger than he is a very good thing.

The Ravens have been unanimously rated among the better draft classes, after OTAs it looks like they might be even better than expected.