What to Expect of Expected Starters: Torrey Smith


Feb 3, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith (82) against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Next up in our daily series is Torrey Smith, the only clear cut starting receiver on the Ravens Roster. Smith edged out a whole slew of other near lock starters because of the complete lack of any type of experienced depth at the position. Behind Smith the Ravens have a bunch of untested youngsters and Jacoby Jones, who is primarily a return man and should remain there because he is so effective in the role.

Receiving Yards

Torrey Should easily break the 1000 yard mark in Jim Caldwells offense. Players with the speed and atural ability of Smith typically have big time success in this style of offense and Torrey was great in the playoffs so I would expect that trend to continue in the next season. I would put the over under for Torrey at 1050 and I expect he gets the over.

Prediction: 1230 yards

Run Blocking

Torrey has always been a very willing run blocker, but he hasnt ever necessarily been a very good run blocker. don’t get me wrong, Smith does okay, but he is far from what you would call a punishing blocker. I wouldn’t expect much improvement there this year either, Jim Caldwells typical offense doesnt focus much on blocking from receivers so Torrey might be asked to block less than he ever has before.

Route Running

Torrey Has always struggled as a route runner. He came from a college offense where he was only asked to run a handful of routes, no option routes, and was essentially a one trick pony. He came into the NFL to an offense that asked him to run a bigger route tree, but the routes werent required to be sharp or precise, Cam Cameron believed that routes should be run at full speed and that meant that corners were to be rounded off. the Cam Cameron system placed a premium on never loosing speed and almost ignored using your feet to get open by doing other things than running fast. Jim Caldwell is a completely different mind. Caldwell prefers direct and precise routes that are run a bit slower to allow the receiver to make a sharp break and then accelerate to full speed through the break. Welcome to the 21st century Ravens offense, I think you are going to like it here. Torrey should see massive leaps forward in his route running and that will boost his production.


Torrey has led the Ravens in receiving TDs in each of his first two seasons. mainly he has done this by being an explosive down field threat and a good leaper in the short field. Despite leading the team in TDs, he has never hit double digits. This year I think he gets there, he just needs to stay fully healthy. each of the past two seasons he has been gimpy from various injuries for a few weeks of the year. Torrey should see more favorable matchups in the new Ravens offense which will be more focused on creating favorable match ups rather than just trying to overwhelm the player in front of you like Cam Camerons offense(and every offense of the 1970s). Ill put the over-under at 10.

Prediction: 12 TDs

I expect Smith to have his best season as a pro this year. Smith will not only be taking over as the Ravens primary offensive weapon, but he will be playing in an offense that is made to make receivers look good. I expect Torrey to top 1000 yards and maybe even break double digit TDs.