Rolando McClain Abruptly Retires


Nov 11, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain (55) during the game against the Baltimore Ravens at M

The Rolando McClain saga has finally come to an end. Rolando McClain, age 23, has informed the team that he will be retireing from football and the Ravens have place McClain on the reserved retired list.

I think few people expected McClain to be on the Ravens roster this year, but I dont think anyone was expecting the 23 year old to retire. My guess is that the Ravens informed McClain he was about to be cut and allowed him to take the more dignified route and be able to say that he is taking a break from football to try and get his life together. If that is the case, that is a pretty classy move by the organization that owes McClain nothing.

There is a chance that this is just a weird snap judgment by a troubled young man and just the most recent in a long line of bad decisions. I have been very vocal in my disapproval of McClain. I love the Ravens and I don’t want the team I love populated with thugs and criminals and with 4 arrests in 18 months, I think McClain falls firmly into that category.

This has been a seriously strange timeline for McClain, hopefully he can figure out what he is doing and pull his life together, even if that means not playing football anymore(and for goodness sake, move away from Alabama Rolando).