The Ravens got their Superbowl Rings last night in a private ceremony. The event was pre..."/> The Ravens got their Superbowl Rings last night in a private ceremony. The event was pre..."/>

Ravens Get Superbowl Rings


The Ravens got their Superbowl Rings last night in a private ceremony. The event was pretty posh and the Rings are pretty awesome.

If you havent seen the images of the ring in a good enough contrast to see the yellow gold accents, then you are missing out. I had only seen the ones that look all silver(probably because i was looking at them on a cell phone) and thought the Ring was pretty mundane until I saw the better pics posted on last night.

Here are the rest of the pictures of the Ring.

This is of course Coach John Harbaughs ring, it has the name and position on one side(HC for Head Coach). The only player whose ring doesn’t have his position is QB Joe Flacco. His ring, in lieu of a position, reads “MVP”. This side also has the motto “play like a Raven” as well as the yellow gold Ravens logo.

Here is the opposite side of the Ring which features the Super Bowl XLVII logo as well as the year. the year, as you can see, was another yellow gold accent and is also lined in diamonds. The ball of the Vince Lombardi Trophy is also a diamond.

In my opinion, the inside is the coolest part of the ring. Im not 100% sure about this, but I am pretty sure no team has ever done this before. The Ravens put 2 inscriptions in the inside of their ring. One is the Ravens bird head logo along with one of Harbaughs mottos “the team the team the team” and the other is the logos and scores from all the Ravens opponents in the playoffs. totally awesome touch. Here is another picture of the inside.

In this picture you can also see how big the diamonds of the trophies on the front of the ring are.

Here is one more picture for you, along with some fun facts.


"The Ravens’ ring features a whopping 243 round cut diamonds. It’s crafted in 10-karat white gold with yellow-gold highlights, and has a total weight of 380 grams (13.4 ounces). The carat weight is about 3.75 carats.In the center, the Baltimore Ravens logo is outlined with 40 round brilliant cut diamonds sitting atop a custom-cut purple amethyst stone. The “B” is in yellow gold, the beak of Raven is in white gold and the eye of the bird is highlighted with red enamel.Behind the logo are two Vince Lombardi Trophies set with 32 round brilliant cut diamonds and two marquise diamonds weighing approximately .75 carats, representing the franchise’s two titles.The right side features the year 2012 in 10-karat yellow gold, set with 39 round brilliant cut diamonds. The yellow gold is reflective of the Ravens gold within the team logo. Below the year, the official Super Bowl XLVII logo is enhanced with three round diamonds in the top of the Lombardi Trophy."