Ravens Sign Williams, Only Elam Left Un-Signed


The Ravens had some news this weekend that got lost in the pomp and circumstance of their Super Bowl Ring ceremony. They managed to get Brandon Williams, their third round pick, under contract. They now have Arthur Brown, Brandon Williams, John Simon, Kyle Juszyk, Ricky Wagner, Kapron Lewis-Moore, Ryan Jenson, Aaron Mellette and Marc Anthony all under contract. That means they just lack Matt Elam.

Elams contract should be done any time now and the Ravens should easily have their class signed before training camp begins. The introduction of the rookie salary cap has made this whole process almost too easy. It barely qualifies as news anymore when a pick gets signed to a deal. There isnt any risk of holdouts or anything like that, every team knows what they will have to pay each player and every player knows what he is going to get and structure isnt really much of an issue. These deals are downright easy to get done now.

The only reason Elam isnt done now, is that Elam does not have an agent. He is likely just going to wait until picks 31 and 33 are signed and ask for a number between that. He doesnt really need an agent for that so until he starts getting endorsement deals and such, there isnt any reason for him to have an agent. It just makes getting a rookie deal a little slow.