NFL Training Camp: What Prominent Ravens Could be Cut?


Nov 11, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Bryan Hall (95) reacts during the game against the Oakland Raiders at M

With training camp right around the corner, I think it is time to take a look at some of the most interesting storys that will be unfolding in Owings Mill over the coming weeks. Today, lets debate about whether any big name Ravens could be released before the start of the season.

The Ravens currently have 90 players on their roster. Before the start of the NFL season, they have to trim that roster to 53, they are also allowed 8 practice squad players. that means the Ravens will have to cut 29 players. some of those are bound to upset fans, here are some guys who might fit that mold.

Deonte Thompson/Laquan Williams/ Tommy Streeter

The Ravens have  a healthy competition going at wide reciver. virtually the only spot that is locked down is Torrey Smith as the top dog. unfortunately the Ravens have too many players for them all to make the roster. That means at least one guy that Ravens fans know is likely to get cut. If i had to guess one guy that would get cut, I would guess Williams. he doesnt have Streeters height/weight/speed ratio and he has nowhere near the physical talent of any other Ravens WR. This adds up to the cards being stacked against Williams being on the final 53.

Bryant McKinnie

All reports out of Ravens camp have been positive concerning McKinnie and his weight, but things can change quickly, especially when that thing is McKinnies weight. McKinnie has been known to have 20 lb weight swings in the span of a week. If McKinnie were to show up significantly overweight and not able to practice, the Ravens might just say enough is enough and get rid of him. This isnt overly likely because, again, McKinnie has stayed in shape so far this year, but it is possible and it is something to consider.

Bryan Hall

The Ravens have another completely open competition at Inside Linebacker. They brought in a bunch of players to compete and odds are, they arent all making the roster. Hall is the wild card of the competition and he could end up a starter or off the roster. Hall is transitioning from DT to linebacker and has lost 55 lbs for the switch. He clearly is committed to making this team and doing whatever is best for the team, but whether or not he can actually make the transition is yet to be seen. Im certainly pulling for him to make the roster, any player willing to go through that type of weight loss for the team is worthy of a roster spot in my book.