Ravens Injury Free Halfway Through Preseason


Aug 15, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice (27) smiles at fans during the game against the Atlanta Falcons at M

Everyone knows the number one goal of the preseason is to evaluate your roster and work out the kinks in your scheme. The second biggest goal, however, is just simply to not get hurt. While the Ravens might look a long ways away from the former, they are still right on track for the latter.

Through 2 preseason games, the Ravens are still virtually injury free. Sure Bernard Pierce got a little banged up, but he is fine. As is Brandon Williams who was shaken up a couple times this week. In fact, the only injury of any note what-so-ever is Dennis Pitta. Pitta, as you know, was injured well before the preseason started on basically the first weekend of training camp.

Aside from Pitta, the Ravens have been pretty lucky. No ACL tears, no ruptured achilles, not even a concussion. In an offseason where some teams seem to be dropping a starter per week due to injury, the Ravens have only really lost one guy(I’m not counting Dickson because his injury isn’t very serious).

Another thing going in the Ravens favor is they have not had any trouble off the field. Ever since the Rolando McClain fiasco, the Ravens have been unheard from on police blotters and tabloid headlines. While teams like the broncos seem to be falling apart at the seams due to off-field issues(front office, Von Miller) and injury(champ bailey, Dan Koppen, Derrick Wolfe), the Ravens are still relatively in-tact and focused where they need to be.

The Falcons game may have looked dreadful, and it did, but the Ravens are still sitting pretty and are in very good position to once again be among the best teams in the league with a shot at another title come playoff time. Don’t panic yet Ravens fans, this thing is far from over.