Ravens Face Must Win Against Texans


Ravens Face Must Win Against Texans

The Ravens face a tough one at home this weekend. Houston is L-O-A-D-E-D with talent.  J.J. Watt, Ben Tate, Andre Johnson, Matt Schaub and Arian Foster, just to name a few, would like nothing better than to crush us and start 3-0.

Ed Reed returns to Baltimore Sunday  in his first NFL game ever NOT wearing a Ravens uniform. That will be tough to swallow. Sort of like the first time we saw Mike Mussina in Yankees pin stripes. Ugly.

So far this year, the Texans edge the Ravens in  first downs, third down conversions, total yards, QB rating and a bunch of other categories. Add to that, Ray Rice probably won’t play Sunday.  Not good.

I almost never say, “must win,” unless it actually is a must win game, meaning the loser heads home for the season. But Sunday’s game IS a MUST win.

The Ravens have never had a winning season after starting 1-2. NEVER. They’ve started 1-2 five times and never won more than eight games in a season. If the Ravens don’t win Sunday, our season could be over…in September!

Now for the good news:  we sort of own the Texans. Seriously. We are 6-1 against them, including the playoffs.

The only time the Texans beat us was last year. We had just rattled off five out of six wins. We were tired when we landed in Houston and it showed. Other than that game, we have out played and out coached them every other time. That loss was a speed bump on the road to the Super Bowl.

Plus, we’re due to unload offensively. Joe Flacco and Torrey Smith will go for it out of the gate. Expect bombs early and often. They are ready to sync up. Once that happens, Pierce will run at will.

Our defense looks tough, too. They are stingy and play like they are on a mission. It wouldn’t surprise me if we cause a few fumbles, interceptions and sacks this weekend. Look for Schaub to get knocked out of the game. I just feel it.

I think the Ravens win convincingly Sunday. If not, we could be Texas Toast.