Baltimore Ravens vs. Buffalo Bills: 3 Questions With BuffaLowDown


Sep 8, 2013; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel (3) runs to congratulate wide receiver Robert Woods (10) after throwing his first NFL touchdown to him during the second quarter against the New England Patriots at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Before we sit down to watch the Baltimore Ravens take on the Buffalo Bills, Ebony Bird had the opportunity to ask the opposing team a few questions, regarding to today’s game.

Dennis Amo, editor of BuffaLowDown, took a shot at answering a few of Ebony Bird’s questions, as well as Ebony Bird taking a shot at answering a few of BuffaLowDown’s questions.

Here are the three questions we asked Dennis Amo of BuffaLowDown:

Throughout his first three games in the NFL, what are your impressions of EJ Manuel?

"Coming into the training camp and the season, the excitement was high on EJ Manuel.  Everyone was saying that he was one of two things; either Manuel was going to the the second coming of Jim Kelly or he was going to be at least, our franchise QB for the next many years and lead this team out of its depression.  Through the two first games, Manuel could not do wrong.  He only had two mistakes, which is excellent for a rookie, and he did not look or play like a rookie.  Against the Jets, it seemed the whole team fell apart including Manuel and he looked like the rookie he is.  He has been inconsistent and is inaccurate on deep balls but Manuel is able to play the game and I am still as excited to watch him play and excited about the expectations and production that he is capable of.  He will be a great QB with some experience and I do believe that he will lead this team to the playoffs.  If  not this year then very soon."

What does going up against the defending Super Bowl champ Ravens, do for a young and aspiring team like the Bills?

"Going up against the Ravens can do two things for the Bills, being a young squad.  It can hurt them and their spirits tremendously if the game is a blow-out and there is not chance what so ever.  However, if the Bills are able to keep it close, as they did against the Pats and almost put together an upset, I think that it can only help them see that they are only a tweak or a player away from being at the same caliber as the Ravens and being that next Super Bowl Champion."

Are the playoffs out of the question for this Buffalo Bills squad? 

"The Playoffs are never out of the questions as the season is still young.  The only time we ever will consider the playoffs out of question is when it is mathematically impossible for them to make it, and even then there are still fans that believe."