Walking Dead: Ravens Offense Not Earning Their Keep


Walking Dead: Ravens Offense Not Earning Their Keep

Everyone knew the Ravens would have a tough time repeating last year’s magical run. Winning back-to-back Super Bowl titles ranks right up there with Miley Cyrus displaying some class or a quick, problem-free visit to the MVA; possible, but unlikely.

What we’re witnessing from this year’s Ravens, mainly from our offense, borders on unfathomable. No rhythm, no fire, no confidence, at least early on. At this rate, the Ravens will have a hard time making the playoffs, let alone making it back to the Super Bowl.

You could usually count on at least one of the wild card teams coming from the AFC North. That won’t happen this season with Kansas City and Denver playing nearly perfect football. The Ravens must win the division to make it to the playoffs this time around.

We have the talent, but do we have the desire?

Our offense seems reactionary, almost cocky. We take it easy until we are forced to step on the pedal. A sort of, “we’ll coast then we’ll catch up,” attitude.

In six games this season, the Ravens have scored 10 total points in the first quarter. This is not an average or a typo. Our actual average is less than two points scored in the first quarter per game. We start slower than a 1964 Dodge with a dead battery in North Dakota in February.

Ray Rice, our star running back, is averaging 2.9 yards per attempt this season. He has a total of…drum roll, please…163 rushing yards in five games this season. At this pace, he’ll have to play in more than 30 games this year to make it to 1,000 rushing yards.

McFly…McFly…this won’t cut it.

Flacco, start earning your contract. Rice, start earning your contract. Caldwell, start earning your contract. Castillo, start earning your contract. Harbaugh, start earning your contract. You are all paid to produce for 60 minutes each week; not 30.

We face Pittsburgh next Sunday in game we should win. Like Steve Austin, we’re better, stronger and faster…and worth a lot more than $6 million.

How about we try something a little different next week and actually have a sense of urgency from the opening kickoff. Maybe we should pretend we are down by 14 points when the game starts.

Whatever it takes, we better do it and do it fast. We’re in second place and that just won’t cut it this year.