Predicting Ravens Wins, Losses for Remainder of Season


At 3-3, the Ravens will have an uphill climb to the playoffs. They have 10 games left to play, half of which are on the road. Their offense is struggling and waiting in the wings are some pretty solid QBs – Big Ben, Brady, Cutler, Stafford and Dalton. If the Ravens expect to play into January, they will probably have to win 10 games.

I looked ahead and took a shot at predicting the outcome of their remaining games. We start with Sunday’s game in Pittsburgh.

Oct. 20, at Steelers: Records don’t matter when we play Pittsburgh and these games usually feel like playoff games. I don’t think the Steelers are out of the race, but a loss this Sunday might do it.

Prediction: Ravens win, 29-17

Nov. 3, at Browns: Normally, this game would concern me. However, the Ravens travel to Cleveland after their bye week.

Prediction: Ravens win, 18-9

Nov. 10, vs. Bengals: This will be Cincinnati’s 5th road game in seven games and they won’t have had their bye week yet. I see a tired Bengals team battered in Baltimore.

Prediction: Ravens win, 30-13

Nov. 17, at Bears: A road game, in late Autumn, in Chicago could spell trouble. The silver lining here is the Bears will have just completed a tough two game stretch against Green Bay and Detroit.

Prediction: Ravens lose, 21-15

Nov. 24, vs. Jets: While Rex & Co. are a much better football team this season, late November is right about the time they usually fold up their tents and look ahead to the next season.

Prediction: Ravens win, 26-20

Nov. 28, vs. Steelers: Thanksgiving night in Baltimore. We’ll likely see the black uniforms, a desperate Steelers team and a Ravens letdown. Facing the Steelers on three day’s rest is a tough assignment.

Prediction: Ravens lose, 21-17

Dec. 8, vs. Vikings: Inept coaching, a QB carousel and 10 days between games for Baltimore will seal Minnesota’s fate.

Prediction: Ravens win, 22-13

Dec. 16, at Lions: Monday night in the Motor City. This game will be a dog fight and go into overtime.

Prediction: Ravens lose, 35-32

Dec. 22, vs. Patriots: Tom Brady will likely have 10 wins and a new haircut by this game. Neither will be enough to overcome the wrath of T-Sizzle and Elvis the Pelvis-smasher. The Ravens get an early Christmas present.

Prediction: Ravens win, 29-24

Dec. 29, at Bengals: Pop quiz: The Ravens are not known for, a) Winning on the road; b) Winning the final game of the season; c) all of the above. If you said “c,” give yourself a gold star. If the Ravens need to win this game to get into the playoffs, it will be a long winter.

Prediction: Ravens lose, 30-21.

There you have it – I predict a 9-7 record with, sadly, little chance of making the playoffs. Here’s hoping the Ravens prove me wrong.