Tough Decisions Ahead for Ravens


Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Another Sunday – another frustrating and puzzling loss for Baltimore.

Sunday against the Steelers, we decided to get cute on a kickoff. The result; great field position and three points for Pittsburgh. The final kickoff of the game nearly lead to a touchdown return by the Steelers. It gave them great field position once again which cost us the game.

Our offense still looks bad, too. If it were Cam Cameron and Kyle Boller leading this offense, we would be calling for their heads. Why should Caldwell or Flacco get a pass?

It might be time shake things up. If I were John Harbaugh, I would:

  • Axe Juan Castillo.
  • Replace him with Jim Caldwell. John Harbaugh can call offensive plays.
  • Cut Gino Gradkowski. There must be a better option available.

I haven’t given up on my Ravens or the season. I still have faith they will do what they need to do to turn this thing around. They could easily win five in a row after their bye week.

The Ravens have a couple of weeks to get their act together. It’s time for them to put on their big boy pants and hold people accountable.