Bryant McKinnie acquired by Miami


Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Former Pro Bowl LT Bryant McKinnie was traded from the Ravens to the Dolphins this afternoon. This was projected to happen after the Ravens acquired Eugene Monroe from the struggling Jacksonville Jaguars. And this was just bound to happen after the incident not very long ago with McKinnie and other teammates on a party bus with a little known well now widely known stripper named Sweet Pea.

The trade was most likely in talks several weeks ago and was made official today. According to Fox Sports Jay Glazer and other sources, the Ravens were able to get just a conditional late round draft pick for the troubled LT.

Fans on the Ravens social media outlets were basically 50-50 on being happy or being upset and frustrated with the Ravens for making the trade. It seems as if this trade will free up some salary cap and will help the Ravens fill other needs when it comes to the offseason.

McKinnie was reported to be very happy to go back to the city where he played his college ball. And get cheered on by the same fans who cheered him on in college. McKinnie’s acquisition also means big things for the Miami Dolphins and their passing attack. Ryan Tannehill has been somewhat rocked this season.

All in all this seems like a very good and well thought out trade for both teams. It looks as if no one really lost this trade. The Ravens dumped a contract and troubled player and the Dolphins picked up what they hope is a key piece for the tough division that they are in.