The Return: Dennis Pitta


Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Well it’s not THE return of a former league MVP or anything but it’s a possible return the shouldn’t be over looked. As you can see the offense has been somewhat mediocre this season.

So how good would it be to get a guy back that’s a go to on 3rd downs and a red zone threat and all that good stuff? Well Joe Flacco thinks it would be really, really good. Flacco would definitely benefit from the return of veteran TE Dennis Pitta who was put on the IR and per IR rules he would be eligible to play in the Week 9 contest against the questionable Cleveland Browns.

Dallas Clark who has sort of took over Dennis Pitta’s role in the offense, and that hasn’t worked out very well. Experts on every radio station or tv station notices that Clark just isn’t himself anymore. His snaps have fluctuated ever since his drops started to cost the offense and constrict them from moving the ball down the field.

Every offense needs a go to TE, every offense needs that guy on 3rd down. And with Pitta on the right track to return after missing what is now one half the season it will be a welcomed sight to see him back on the field and in the trenches battling it out and grinding to help this team win some more games and eventually possibly get back to the biggest stage of them all.