Ravens sign Bernard Scott


Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Sometime yesterday the Baltimore Ravens announced that they indeed have signed former Cincinnati Bengals running back Bernard Scott. Scott will take the final 53 man roster spot after the Ravens sent Bryant McKinnie to packing to Miami.

Scott didn’t play much at all last season. According to ESPN, Scott only appeared in two games for the Bengals in 2012. Rushing for a pedestrian 35 yards on just 8 carries. He also returned a kickoff for 26 yards. But in the 2011 season Scott had some decent production for the Bengals offense  rushing for 380 yards and 3 touchdowns in 112 carries.

Scott will most likely seen some playing time on the field even some attempts at returning kicks as the Ravens don’t really have a standout returner anymore. Scott is projected to see time behind both Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce with a chance of surpassing Bernard Pierce as the backup right behind all pro running back Ray Rice.

Bernard Scott will be a welcomed addition to an offense that has been lately beating up their backs by giving them just a little too much carries and relying on them a little too much. An example of the beat up backs would be Ray Rice’s lingering hip injury that doesn’t look like it’s affecting him too much.

Head Coach John Harbaugh was quoted in an interview saying that Scott would definitely see time in the offense but time will tell on how much he will be used and in what ways he will be used.