Super Bowl Hangover: Myth or Reality


Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens have played like a different team since winning the Super Bowl nine months ago. They lack fire, chemistry, discipline and leadership. Yes, the dreaded Super Bowl Hangover seems to be rearing its ugly head in Baltimore.

But does the Super Bowl Hangover really exist? Have other Super Bowl winning teams had terrible seasons the following year?

Looking at the win/loss records the following year of Super Bowl winners (see chart below), the Super Bowl Hangover seems like more of a myth than reality to me.

Most Super Bowl winning teams have had strong seasons the following year, including the Ravens in 2001. Twelve teams even made it back to the big game the next year!

Returning to a Super Bowl the next season in a 32-team league is a very difficult task. But the Ravens are on the verge of making history to become only the seventh team in 48 years to have a losing record after winning a Super Bowl.

Let’s hope they figure it all out and make a winning run starting Sunday against the Bengals.

Super Bowl Year

Winning Team

Winner’s Following Season

1967Packers9-4-1, won Super Bowl1968Packers6-7-1, Packers first losing season in 10 years1969Jets10-4, lost Super Bowl1970Chiefs7-5-21971Colts10-4, lost in Conference Championship game1972Cowboys10-4, lost in Conference Championship game1973Dolphins12-2, won Super Bowl1974Dolphins11-31975Steelers12-2, won Super Bowl1976Steelers10-4, lost in Conference Championship game1977Raiders11-3, lost in Conference Championship game1978Cowboys12-4, lost in Super Bowl1979Steelers12-4, won Super Bowl1980Steelers9-71981Raiders7-9198249ers3-6, strike shortened season1983Redskins14-2, lost in Super Bowl1984Raiders11-5198549ers10-61986Bears14-21987Giants6-91988Redskins7-9198949ers14-2, won Super Bowl199049ers14-2, lost in Conference Championship game1991Giants8-81992Redskins9-71993Cowboys12-4, won Super Bowl1994Cowboys12-4, lost in Conference Championship game199549ers11-51996Cowboys10-61997Packers13-3, lost in Super Bowl1998Broncos14-2, won Super Bowl1999Broncos6-102000Rams10-6



10-6, lost to Steelers 27-10 in Division playoff game

2002Patriots9-72003Buccaneers7-92004Patriots14-2, won Super Bowl2005Patriots10-62006Steelers8-82007Colts13-32008Giants12-42009Steelers9-72010Saints11-52011Packers15-12012Giants9-7



3-5 as of November 9, 2013