Muck Dynasty: Ravens Likely to Miss Playoffs


Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

This past Sunday’s game against the Patriots had REVENGE written all over it. Tom Brady and his cronies were on a mission to repay the Ravens for knocking them out of the playoffs last season. Mission accomplished.

The debacle against the New England also put the Ravens in a very bad spot. By losing, they no longer control their post-season destiny. They need a few favors from the football Gods.

To make it into the playoffs, the Ravens must win in Cincinnati this Sunday AND either the Chargers or Dolphins must lose. The Ravens could lose Sunday and still get in, but the Steelers, Dolphins and Chargers would also have to lose…all at home against underdogs. Don’t bet on it.

In fact, don’t bet on the Dolphins or Chargers losing this Sunday. Miami faces the Jets and San Diego takes on the Chiefs, who will likely rest their starters. Not good.

The Ravens have no one to blame but themselves for being in this situation.

Letting Boldin go; hanging on to Juan Castillo and Gino Gradkowski; running Ray Rice when he wasn’t healthy, then not running him much against the Patriots’ abysmal run defense; mediocre (Harbaugh) to poor coaching (Caldwell); Flacco, the Turnover Machine; injuries. Pick one. They all spelled trouble from the start.

I think the Ravens will beat the Bengals this week. I won’t bore you with comparison stats or past history…it’s just a gut feeling. We are pretty good at bouncing back from beat downs.

Thanks for another season of football in Baltimore, boys. You didn’t quite put it together this year, but we still love you and never want to see you sneaking off into a snowy night bound for wherever.

Can’t wait until September.