The Pittsburgh Steelers Won’t Be Punished For Mike Tomlin Incident


Nov 28, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin watches from the sideline against the Baltimore Ravens on Thanksgiving at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

According to multiple reports the Pittsburgh Steelers won’t be stripped of a draft pick for the Tomlin sideline incident on Thanksgiving night during the 2013 season. When watching the replay it looks painfully obvious that Tomlin knew exactly what he was doing. This could’ve been a reason that wide receiver Jacoby Jones was caught from behind. Many didn’t buy his apology following the fine announcement.

"I take full responsibility for my actions, and I apologize for causing negative attention to the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. I accept the penalty that I received."

Tomlin and the Steelers didn’t walk away unscathed as they were fined $100,000.I do believe that the punishment fit the crime. However, the team should’ve been punished as well and not just the head coach. The NFL has made their decesion about not pursuing this any further, but if they are taking into consideration the possible punishment of Indianapolis Colts’ owner Jim Irsay they need to take the same approach.

What Mike Tomlin did was violate the integrity of the game with his antics and this matter should be treated in that way.