Baltimore Ravens Roster Rundown: Four Players Vying For Spots


The Baltimore Ravens are currently cutting down their roster to reach the 53 man roster that is required by 4 pm on Saturday by the NFL. The following players have already been cut.

  • Nathan Overbay, tight end
  • D.J. Roberts, outside linebacker
  • Levi Brown, defensive tackle
  • Derrick Hopkins, defensive tackle
  • Reggie Stephens, center

Here is the Roster Rundown for the Baltimore Ravens’ player’s who have the best chance on offence to make the 53-man roster. We also take into account the New Orleans Saints game where the below four player’s all had impact in.

  1. Deonte Thompson – WR: Fast, agile and good hands. Reminds people of Jacoby Jones. Thompson has shown this preseason – in limited capacity – that he can make plays and beat oppositions’ secondaries. He’s only had 5 receptions for 25 yards with a 8.3 average and his longest was a 21 yd TD in week 3 vs Washington Redskins.
  2. Lorenzo Taliaferro – RB: Taller than Pearce and Rice which brings a different dynamic to the RB position for the Ravens. Taliaferro has played in all preseason games accumulating 243 yards on 65 attempts. He scored one touchdown against Dallas in week 2. He leads the Ravens in rushing yards from preseason.
  3. Michael Campanaro – WR: Arguably, Campanaro is the 4th or 5th best WR on the roster depth charts but the chances with the ball he has been given this preseason hasn’t allowed him to truly shine and show his potential. It could be detrimental to his selection. Campanaro had 5 receptions in 2 games, totaling 79 yards, his longest being a 39 yard run Thursday against New Orleans.
  4. Fitzgerald Toussaint – RB: Toussaint runs like Pearce through the offensive live and showed what he was capable of in a last ditch effort against the New Orleans Saints Thursday. The Michigan College player rushed for 123 yards in 21 attempts and finished preseason with an average of 5.9 yards per carry.

It’s hard to determine what John Harbaugh will decide on when looking at these four players and where he see’s them fitting into the offensive scheme behind the starters on Gary Kubiaks’ offense. BUT, If I were Harbaugh right now… it would be Taliaferro and Campanaro.

Who do you think should make the cut out of these four?