Baltimore Ravens 2014 Season Preview and Predictions

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The Baltimore Ravens enter 2014 with some lofty expectations.  The 2013 season was largely disappointing, at least for this organization.  While some teams would be content with an 8-8 record, this is a team that has a much higher bar than most.  The Ravens missed the playoffs in 2013 for the first time since John Harbaugh became head coach in 2008.

Let that sink in for a minute.  While some teams fight and scrape to come close to a .500 record, the Ravens consider it to be a failure.  While some teams perennially have top 10 picks in the draft every season, this organization continues to hum along and mine talent from anywhere possible.  Few GMs are better at discovering future stars that begin as undrafted free agents or unwanted veterans than Ozzie Newsome.

While some teams fight and scrape to come close to a .500 record, the Ravens consider it to be a failure.

The Ravens have a winning tradition in their relatively short existence in the NFL, and they are determined to keep it that way.  They have all the ammunition they need with one of the best owners, best GM’s, and best coaches in football. They have a franchise quarterback and an excellent mix of young and veteran talent.  And they have a rabid fan base that is one of the best (arguably the best) in the league.

So what can we realistically expect from the Ravens in 2014, given everything that has transpired in the offseason? Coming off the first full year since 2002 that the team hasn’t had legendary defensive leaders Ed Reed and Ray Lewis on the roster, the Ravens are ready to move on with new leaders and new voices in the locker room.

What follows is a full on preview for the Baltimore Raven’s 2014 season, along with our insanely accurate predictions. We are going to break down the upcoming schedule, look at all the key offseason changes, and tell you how to follow along and keep up with the greatest organization in the NFL throughout the upcoming season.

Here is our Baltimore Ravens 2014 season preview and predictions.

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