Joe Flacco is one of the NFL’s Most Accurate Deep Passers


Oct 12, 2014; Tampa, FL, USA; Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco (5) celebrates a touchdown pass of the first half with wide receiver Steve Smith (89) against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve talked a lot about where some Ravens players rank in terms of their positions in the NFL, mainly because a lot of them are in the top ten.  Joe Flacco is no exception, and he is currently near the top of quite a few statistical categories among quarterbacks.  Flacco is sixth in the league in QB rating (95.5) and fifth in accuracy percentage (77.3), just to name a few.

One thing we also found interesting is that Flacco is absolutely lethal on deep ball accuracy this season.  He has been money finding both Torrey Smith and Steve Smith downfield, and is routinely hitting them in the bread basket.  Flacco ranks second in PFF’s deep ball accuracy metric with a 57.7 rating.  Andrew Luck sits right behind Flacco with a 53.1.

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On deep passes alone, Flacco has hit the Smith duo nine times for 333 yards and five touchdowns.  A total of 399 yards and seven touchdowns have come on deep passes.  Flacco has 1857 yards passing total with 14 touchdowns, which means that an astounding 21.5% of his yards and 50% of his touchdowns have come deep.

Remember when everyone though that Gary Kubiak was going to put a leash on Joe Flacco’s deep passing?  He may have dialed back the attempts, but Flacco is better than ever at hitting the big play.  Last season, he was 21st in the league in deep ball accuracy, with only one touchdown and 8 interceptions.

But that’s what a more balanced and methodical offensive system will do for you.  With a much, much more effective running game and a high percentage short to intermediate passing game, the Ravens are lulling opponents to sleep and then hitting big play after big play.  It’s something that the Bengals are sure to try and stop this week, if they can.

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