NFL Power Rankings, Updated Playoff Race


Nov 30, 2014; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco (5) after his touchdown run against the San Diego Chargers at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Daily Caw, where we round up all the latest Ravens news and notes from around the web.  Today we look at some updated NFL power rankings, the latest playoff race picture and where the Ravens stand, John Harbaugh’s feelings on the pass interference call that cost them the game Sunday, and some people are calling for Dean Pees’ head already.

NFL Power Rankings Week 13

The Ravens had a golden opportunity to continue their rise up the rankings that began last week, but they literally blew it.  Now they must travel to Miami to take on a resurgent Dolphins team that is moving up the ranks.

John Harbaugh Not Happy With PI Call

Harbaugh didn’t like the PI call on Anthony Levine that cost the Ravens the game Sunday, but just about everybody else agrees it was a good call.  We do like it when refs let the “players play” of course, but it’s hard to side with Harbs after watching the replay a few dozen times.

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Updated Playoff Standings

The Ravens lost control of their fate with Sunday’s loss to the Chargers, and they slipped to the eight seed.  They might just need to win the division to have a shot at the postseason, but would need Cincinnati to lose two out of the next four to do so.  Plus, they will need to keep winning.

Time to Fire Dean Pees?

Yesterday was a bad day for the defense, and Pees’ playcalling was suspect.  Especially when he decided to leave his corners alone on the edge with the game on the line, leading to Anthony Levine’s PI call.  And even though the Chargers were starting their fifth string center, Pees opted not to attack the obvious weakness.

No one is Talking About Torrey Smith Injury

Torrey put on a great performance but appeared to injure his right knee prior to the final offensive drive.  Following the game, everybody was mum on the subject.  Smith missed the final offensive series of the game and headed to the locker room while noticeably hobbling.