Baltimore Ravens Helmet Design Concept is Awesome


It’s really nothing new to see design companies reimagine NFL uniform, logo, or helmet art.  And for good reason.  This is the most popular sport in the nation, one that can bring tremendous attention to anyone that dabbles in anything NFL related.  Plus, it’s just plain cool to see what these incredibly talented artists can come up with.

Unfortunately, many of the designs we see making their way around the interwebs are, how do we say it, “meh.”  That is most certainly not the case with Deeyung Entertainment’s latest reimagined NFL helmet logos, which it has rolled out for all 32 teams.  In fact, these might be the best ones we’ve seen in quite a while.

The helmets feature a much larger logo, for one, and the textured backgrounds are sweet.  The Baltimore Ravens helmet design looks great with the big(ger) bird, plus I personally love the way the color flows from purple to black on the way down.  I think that this particular helmet would look great with the Ravens’ black uniforms.

You can check out all 32 team’s helmets here.

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