Cortland Finnegan a Target for Baltimore Ravens in Free Agency?


Cortland Finnegan was released by the Dolphins on Monday and has been drawing a lot of speculation as to where he will end up or even if retirement may be on the cards. The 9 year veteran and former Pro Bowler, known for his physicality, loud mouth, and for the penalties thrown his way, has struggled in the past two years and was cut after just one year in Miami.

Since leaving the Titans in 2012, the former 7th round pick out of Stanford has struggled to find his All-Pro form both with the Rams and the Dolphins, although has been praised by teammates for his leadership and attitude.  Leadership and attitude (among other things) that was missing from the Ravens secondary in 2014.

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We all loved last year how Steve Smith added veteran guile and an “any time… any place” attitude to the receiving corps and I’m wondering if Finnegan is the solution to the same problem now found in the secondary.

Finnegan was due to earn $5.475 million in 2015 according to, though with time starting to run out on his playing days he may be willing to take less, particularly with a team hoping to contend for a championship.

It is certainly no secret that the Ravens secondary will need addressing this offseason and whether through the free agency or the draft, depth is a must have at cornerback in 2015.

However, depth may not be the only issue, as last year we saw young guys struggling in big situations. Someone like Finnegan could be the galvanizing factor inspiring younger players to fight for every ball.

It is unlikely Finnegan still has no.1 talent, so cornerback could still be an area addressed elsewhere, though experience counts for a lot in any sport and he could prove to be a good mentor for the future of the Ravens secondary.

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