Baltimore Ravens Worst Draft Pick of All Time: Kyle Boller


While we usually like to remember the good times and celebrate the genius moves and incredibly smart draft picks the Baltimore Ravens have made over the years, there are of course some “mistakes” that have been made as well.  Perhaps none have ever been as bad as drafting Kyle Boller in the first round of the 2003 NFL Draft.

At least CBS Sports thinks so, as they have named the Boller selection as the Baltimore Ravens worst draft pick of all time.  It’s hard to disagree with their logic, especially when you consider how few bad picks the franchise has made in it’s short but illustrious existence.  NFL writer Will Brinson doesn’t pull any punches.

"There just aren’t a bunch of bad first-round picks in Ravens  history. Mark Clayton (22nd, 2005) or Duane Starks (10th, 1998) maybe. Kyle Boller (19th, 2003) was actually drafted in the same class as Terrell Suggs (10th) but that doesn’t negate what a massive bust he was for Baltimore."

Kyle Boller was indeed a massive bust, as many first round quarterbacks have been over the years.  He never threw for more than 2,600 yards or 13 touchdowns in a season while fumbling an amazing 25 times in 67 games.  Boller is also the owner of a career QB rating of 69.5 and wrapped up his less than illustrious career by throwing more interceptions than touchdowns.

Still, Boller at least played in 67 games over his career, and had a lot more success than the Ryan Leaf’s and the JaMarcus Russell’s of the NFL world.  Eight years in the NFL is a lot more than most guys last. But when you’re talking about the lofty expectations that being a first round pick of the Baltimore Ravens brings (are you listening, Matt Elam?), Boller is still the biggest bust in franchise history.

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