Ravens Week 7 Fantasy Football Preview and Predictions

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If you’ve ever worked on a group project in grade school or college, there’s a chance that you’ve run into the very familiar situation where there’s that one person in the group who didn’t do their part of the project correctly, and that one mediocre or failed part resulted ina grade of a C instead of an A.

That person is the Ravens secondary.

Defensive coordinator Dean Pees has said many times over the last few weeks of disheartening losses that the secondary and pass defense collectively are lacking discipline while on their assignments, thus resulting in a lack of proper execution.

Poor tackling, missed tackles, and no takeaways. That, coupled with injuries to what was touted in the offseason as an “improved” secondary, is surely a catalyst to the Ravens trending in the wrong direction.

Though I’d welcome and love to be proved wrong (for the right reasons), I foresee another loss by less than a TD. Same problems, different week.

Baltimore Ravens    23

Arizona Cardinals   29

Regardless, here’s to a successful week of Fantasy Football for you.

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