Ravens Charities: Impacting Baltimore off the field since 1996

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The bye week of the 2015 season for the Baltimore Ravens is now over and it’s time for the Ravens to get back to work, after their toughest start in franchise history sitting at a record of 2-6.

Usually, the bye week is an opportunity for the Ravens to take a break and enjoy life outside of the gridiron for a couple of days. It goes by quickly, but it can often be time very well spent.

Speaking of life outside of the gridiron, the Ravens have a very healthy and soaring life as an organization outside of the gridiron. Whether it’s the bye week, offseason, or time in between weekly games, there’s often something that the Ravens are doing to give back to the city they call home, Baltimore.  

The Ravens organization has been instrumental in providing for youth, the underprivileged, schools, and organizations all around Baltimore to give hope, happiness, and opportunities to those in need and to those who work hard.

If you didn’t know before, (or perhaps you did) let’s take a look at some of the ways the Ravens have been impacting Baltimore off the field, just as much as they have on the field.

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