Ravens Charities: Impacting Baltimore off the field since 1996

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New Uniforms and Fields

There’s a golden saying that when you look good, you play good. The Ravens know that all too well and have assisted in helping Baltimore-area high school players look good while also assisting in upgrading where they play.

Baltimore-area high school football players and girls basketball players all benefited from this generosity of the Ravens, receiving 3,825 new uniforms.

On top of the uniforms, 2 local Baltimore-area schools were the recipients of refurbished football fields on behalf of the Ravens, totaling $1 million each. Those schools were Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School and Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.


With all of these moments of kindness and generosity, Ravens Nation thanks the Baltimore Ravens for impacting Baltimore for over 20 years. With such generosity, how can anyone not love the Ravens?

As Coach Harbaugh would say, “How ’bout those Ravens, huh!