Ravens Greatest Moments: 17 Point Comeback Against Seahawks


It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon late in November of 2003. My father and I were watching the Baltimore Ravens battle the Seattle Seahawks from perfect seats half way up from the 50 yard line. I was 13 years old going through the torment that was life at West Middle School and football was my perfect escape. That day was the perfect blend of drama, excitement and euphoria and the memory will always be special to me. This great Ravens moment is a little extra special to me.

The Ravens were having an awful day in the first half of this game. Anthony Wright couldn’t get the job done and the Seahawks were marching all over the Ravens usually stingy defense. The Seahawks built a 17-3 lead at the half. The Ravens offense came alive but traded points with the Seahawks. In the third quarter the Ravens scored 21 points and the Seahawks scored 17.

Going into the final quarter the Ravens were trailing 34-24. The Seahawks extended the lead to 17 points in the fourth quarter. My Dad was anxious to leave and tried to convince me to get out of my seat. At the moment that my will power almost gave in, Ed Reed struck the fuse that sparked the comeback. Reed blocked and scored a touchdown. This game taught me that it is never over until the clock shows nothing but zeros.

The Ravens scored twice in the final two minutes. Full disclosure the Ravens did benefit from an extra timeout but the final result was just the magic of M&T Bank Stadium. Matt Stover tied the game a last second field goal that ensured that the game would not be decided in regulation.

There were many memorable moments in that game. The Ravens stopping their old friend, Trent Dilfer on a quarterback sneak was surely a moment. The late touchdown pass from Wright to Marcus Robinson was up there too. But my lasting memory of this game was how the sheer silence turned into the loudest celebration I have ever heard.

A Ravens defense that was accustomed to bailing out the offense got bailed out by late game heroics from Wright who threw for 319 yards and 4 touchdown passes. I still think about that game, especially in my worst moments. I remember the once in a life time thrill it provided. By ultimately I remember a perfect day with my Dad and how thankful I am to Ed Reed for that timely spark in the fourth quarter.