Baltimore Ravens: Timmy Jernigan Full of Potential


One of the biggest disappointments from the 2015 season full of disappointments was the struggles of Timmy Jernigan. Jernigan was the Ravens second round draft pick in 2014. After recording four sacks in his rookie season, the Ravens were expecting Jernigan to take a step up and be a star. In 2015 Jernigan may have taken a step backwards instead.

Other than Brandon Williams there is nobody more talented on the Ravens defensive line than Jernigan. He has the explosiveness to be a feared pass rusher and the strength to be a space eater against the run. Despite his talent, John Harbaugh benched him early this season, because of a lack of effort.

Jernigan had 37 tackles and four sacks this past season. This is on par with his rookie season, but it is still underwhelming. Jernigan should have earned more playing time. He should have made more plays. He should have given a better effort on the field.

It is sometimes hard to prove that a player did not give his best efforts on the field. In Jernigan’s case it was pretty obvious. He has talent and potential that jumps out. When he wants to be he is an unstoppable force.

Jernigan also was undisciplined. He had several personal foul penalties. Roughing the passer is often over called by referees but Jernigan’s violations seemed to make a point of crossing the line. If he grows up a bit, Jernigan can be an incredible player.

The Ravens will have some patience for Jernigan. Talent always gets plenty of chances in professional football. Yet the Ravens won’t wait forever. Eventually Jernigan will have to dominate the way we know he can. The Ravens have plenty of talent on the defensive line.

Brandon Williams, who was the Ravens third round pick in 2013, has become one of football’s best nose tackles. Carl Davis and Brent Urban both show great potential. Lawrence Guy is an underrated defensive end in the Ravens hybrid 3-4 defense.

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It boils down to possibilities. If Jernigan lives up to his potential in the coming seasons, he will be a dominate force. Williams and Jernigan could be an amazing one-two punch for years to come. Ultimately, if Jernigan commits himself fully he will be sucessful.