Baltimore Ravens: The Exciting Potential Of C.J. Mosley


C.J. Mosley is the 6’2″ 235 pound linebacker from Alabama, who is one of the most exciting young players on the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens selected him with the 17th Overall pick in 2014. Two seasons in, it is clear the Ravens have a tremendous talent.

Mosley has shown the ability to do it all. In two seasons he had 166 solo tackles, 84 assisted tackles, 7 sacks, two interceptions and two forced fumbles. Ability will never be Mosley’s problem; he has off the charts talent.

Mosley’s performance did drop off slightly in his second season. There were times where he seemed put of position and overwhelmed. Mosley was still a productive linebacker but he exhibited less of his wow factor.

The problem was not with the players playing in front of the former Crimson Tide linebacker. Brandon Williams quietly had a great season at the nose tackle position. The defensive line as a whole did fairly well this season.

The small decline in performance is most likely do to coaching and scheme. Mosley is a linebacker who must constantly be in attack mode. He needs to play fast, and not get stuck thinking out on the field.

Mosley has the kind of quickness and power that just cannot be handled. Mosley needs to play full speed on every play. It is literally better to make a mistake flying to the football than to hesitate. It’s a simple game of see the football-attack the football.

Mosley is also underutilized in blitzing. With his speed and strength, he is able to get interior pass rush flying up the middle. It’s not like he should lead the team in sacks, but he should give the quarterback a little more to work with. The way the Carolina Panthers use the athleticism of Luke Keuchly is a great example of this.

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One thing is for sure, the Ravens got a talented linebacker for the present and future. Mosley has unlimited potential. The physical traits are there. The talent is obviously there. Mosley has the potential to become the next great linebacker in Ravens history.