Baltimore Ravens: Focused On Speed


The Baltimore Ravens have shown a clear focus on getting faster. It started last year when the Ravens drafted Breshad Perriman, the fastest receiver in the draft. The Ravens started this offseason by signing Benjamin Watson, a tight end with speed. Now they’re interested in acquiring Mike Wallace. Speed is the common theme.

The Ravens biggest problem this past season was a lack of weapons. Yes, Kamar Aiken stepped up. But with Perriman injured for the season, the Ravens had no receiver who could stretch the field vertically. The Ravens had possession receivers; they had thunder but needed a little lightning.

The Ravens barely tried to throw the football down the field in 2015. The defenses they faced sat on the short passing routes. They were unafraid of the Ravens deep passing attack, despite knowing that Flacco has a cannon for an arm. Weapons are needed. Fast weapons.

The Ravens philosophy has always been one of physical football. The offense has always been dependent on a strong rushing attack. Other than Torrey Smith and Steve Smith Sr., the Ravens have never really had many great burners at the receiver position.

When the Ravens marched to Super Bowl XLVII, they relied on Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta. Neither receiving option won with speed. Rather they won with great route running, toughness and a willingness to do business over their heads. But the deep threat of Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones helped the Ravens. That kept opposing defenses honest. In 2014 the Ravens used Owen Daniels the way they used Pitta.

The Ravens are focused on speed because it makes life easier in the NFL. The big all in one play drives are nice to have on occasion. A receiver that can create separation between himself and defensive backs is dangerous.

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With John Harbaugh as the head coach the Ravens will always be a physical team. They will always want to pound the other team into submission. That being said, if the Ravens bring speed into this physical offense, the results could be phenomenal.