Tray Walker In Critical Condition: Our Hearts Are With Him


According to reports, Baltimore Ravens cornerback Tray Walker was in an accident last night. What we know is that he was riding a dirt bike without a helmet and a car hit him. Walker is in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. At the moment there is still much that is unknown about the accident but the only thing that matters is that Walker’s survival and health. Here I have linked the report from the Ravens official website.

Our hearts obviously go out to Walker and his family. This is news that nobody ever wants to hear. We’ll monitor the situation closely. At the young age of 23, Walker had a promising career in front of him. He got some playing time last season after being drafted in the fourth round in 2015.

Now football is the last thing on Walker should be concerned about as he fights for his life. The only thing we can do right now is hope that he survives. It puts life into perspective when something horrible happens. When a young man with talent and a great work ethic gets severely injured like this, it invokes the fragility of life. It reminds us not to take life for granted and that every day is precious.

Many people are keeping Walker in their thoughts and prayers. Many of his Ravens teammates have taken to social media to support their teammate in this challenging moment. A hashtag has been started #PrayForTray for people to show their support for Walker as well.

This is heartbreaking news. We have to stay positive and hope that Tray Walker can make a full recovery.