Tray Walker Rest In Peace: A Heartfelt Message


Today, Tray Walker tragically passed away. There are not words for this. There are no words that will soothe the ailing heart of his mother or his loved ones. There are no words that could possibly wrap our minds around the idea that a 23 year old man, filled with promise is gone.

Football may be my life but it’s days like this that remind us that there are more important things than football. Life is precious and today is another reminder that we cannot take it for granted. This isn’t sad because a football player died. It’s said that a young man died.

Walker was the Baltimore Ravens fourth round draft pick in 2015. It has been reported by WNST’s Luke Jones via Twitter that Walker his rookie season was a tribute to his father. His father died in 2014. I can’t imagine the sorrow that Walker’s mother is feeling right now. My thoughts are certainly with them in this horrible moment.

Walker was left in critical condition after an accident on his dirt bike. He was not wearing a helmet, nor was he wearing reflective clothing according to reports. Reports say that the dirt bike had his Ravens number 25 on it.

Walker was somebody you can’t find a negative word about. He was a good fit in the Ravens locker room and this is shown by all the Ravens players that took to social media to show their remorse. Walker was a young player who had a lot of potential.

Again there are no words for something like this. This is tragic news. Our thoughts are with his family. Our hearts are heavy for them.