Why Ravens Are Team To Watch In NFL Draft


Ravens Are Ready For A Great Draft

The Baltimore Ravens are in a pretty good spot. With the sixth pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, there are a number of options the Ravens will have. The team has needs, but no position is in such bad shape that the Ravens hands are forced. Ozzie Newsome and company just need to get good players with their pick.

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The best player available mantra works rather well in this draft. The draft is deep at the Ravens two biggest areas of need, cornerback and pass rushers. The Ravens can justify picking a player from most positions with their first pick. A top 10 player needs to be a game changer, so why not take the best player?

The Ravens could potentially address the left tackle position by picking Ronnie Stanley. I oppose that scenario but it is an option the team will play around with. The Ravens could draft a cornerback like Vernon Hargreaves or Jalen Ramsey; if they are lucky enough to see him fall to the sixth pick.

The Ravens could take DeForest Buckner, the defensive end from Oregon. They could grab Robert Nkemdiche, the explosive Ole Miss defensive tackle. They could draft Myles Jack, or take a chance on Noah Spence. Joey Bosa could be in play as well. The Ravens could even trade the pick away and acquire more picks.

The point is that the Ravens have more options than most teams in the draft. They have a top-10 pick and have a chance to get a great player. They have nine overall draft picks going into the draft. Newsome, DeCosta and Harbaugh will have some very important conversations in the Ravens war room because they’ll be very busy.

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The Ravens have so many options in this draft. Too many choices is often a good problem to have. The Ravens are potentially the team to watch in this draft. They have the picks, and the flexibility to do a lot of things.