Ravens Will Dominate In 2016


The Ravens Will Soar

In 2008 the Ravens were coming off a horrible 5-11 season. The Ravens went 11-5 in John Harbaugh, and Joe Flacco’s first year. Now the Ravens are in a very similar situation. Just like in 2008, I have a sneaking suspicion that the Ravens might be dominant in 2016.

The Ravens were aggressive in free agency. Signing Eric Weddle helps the secondary. Adding Ben Watson and Mike Wallace, adds speed to the offense. The Ravens are a better team now, then when the 2015 season ended. If Breshad Perriman plays well (or at all) they are even more improved offensively.

The Ravens have nine overall draft picks. These picks include the sixth overall pick, the fifth pick in the second round and four picks in the first four rounds. If the Ravens draft well, they can add a handful of impact players to the roster. The 2016 Ravens could look like a drastically improved team.

Every year in the NFL, there is a team that comes out of nowhere to have a great record. Rebound seasons are common in the NFL.  The Ravens may be coming out of a bad season, but would it be surprising if they were good in 2016? We’re talking about a team that won a playoff game in six if the past eight seasons.

The Ravens are getting better, but they already have some of the key ingredients. The have a Super Bowl winning head coach in John Harbaugh. They have a Super Bowl MVP under center with Joe Flacco. This is a winning combination, that can find its groove once again.

The Ravens are not sitting on their excuses. They are actively doing everything they can to improve the team. The Ravens had nearly no cap space, had unreal amounts of injuries, and lost many close games. They could have easily justified doing little in free agency.

The fact that the Ravens were so aggressive in this offseason, tells us a lor. This is not a orginization that handles losing well. That’s a good thing. This is a franchise that will do whatever it takes to win. Instead of hoping for better luck in  the next season, the Ravens are gunning for it this offseason.

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The team’s brass clearly has a plan. That plan will come into fruition in thr 2016 NFL Draft. The Ravens will be a better team next season. With stars back from their injuries and an improved roster, look out for the Ravens in 2016.