Rams Trade Helps Ravens Draft Odds


According to multiple reports, the Los Angeles Rams have traded up with the Tennessee Titans to get the first pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. According to a tweet by Adam Schefter, there are nine draft picks involved in this massive trade.

The Rams get the number 1 pick and the Titans 4th and 6th round picks. The Titans get the 15th pick in the draft, two second round picks, a third round pick and a first and third round pick in 2017. Its a big deal, but you’re Ravens fans. What you want to know, is how this affects the Ravens odds at the sixth pick overall.

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The Rams are presumably doing this for a quarterback. Carson Wentz, is the obvious pick here. With Wentz off the board, the Cleveland  Browns become a very interesting number two pick. If the Browns take a quarterback, the Ravens would have four picks remaining until they picked and all of their options would still be in play.

After the Browns, the San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars are the next three drafting teams. The Chargers are either going to go pass rusher or offensive tackle. Let’s say that they go with Laremy Tunsil. Then the Cowboys are left with the option of Ezekiel Elliot or Joey Bosa. If they Elliot, the Jaguars most likely take Bosa. The Ravens would then be able to take the best player in the draft, Jalen Ramsey.

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No matter what the Ravens want to do, it is pretty clear that they don’t want a quarterback with the sixth overall pick. The Rams trading up (presumably for a QB) can only help the Ravens. This knocks more players that the Ravens could take down to the sixth overall pick.