Baltimore Ravens: Get The Defense In Attack Mode


Dean Pees Has To Get The Baltimore Ravens Defense In Attack Mode

With a healthy Terrell Suggs, an impressive Elvis Dumervil and a young wave of pass rushing talent the Ravens need to get results. There is no doubt that the Ravens have the talent to be a top quarterback sacking team. The scheme has to be there too.

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Za’Darius Smith had 5.5 sacks in his rookie season. The light turned on and Smith figures to be a solid player. Now he’ll be joined by Kamalei Correa, Matt Judon and Bronson Kaufasi. Each of the Ravens young pass rushers can used as a weapon.

Correa is a physical player who bullies his way to the passer. Judon is a hand fighting pass rusher that wins with leverage. Kaufuasi converts his power into speed.

We’re not enduring the fluffy soft era of Gregg Mattison as the defensive coordinator; but we are far removed from “organized chaos.” Dean Pees defenses have never focused on pass rush as the priority. With Pees, it’s about bend but don’t break. Field goals don’t beat us, big plays that score touchdowns do.

With this surplus of front seven talent, Pees must never call off the dogs. The only thing that should not get a chance to tackle quarterbacks is perhaps the proverbial kitchen sink. Ravens have to come from everywhere and anywhere.

In 2014 the Ravens pass rush put up incredible numbers. The problem was it was almost entirely fueled by Suggs and Dumervil. There was nothing creative about it. When the Ravens star outside linebackers won off the edge, good things happened. When they were blocked, the pass Rush seldom got there. That is when the secondary got torched.

I’m okay with giving up a big play or two, trying to make big plays on defense. There is risk to being aggressive on defense. A high risk, high reward defense gets the turnovers, and drive killing sacks. Ultimately pass rush wins championships. Just look at the Denver Broncos. I love that Pees has a responsible style but being creative in the pass rushing department wouldn’t hurt.

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The Ravens need to play downhill defense. The front seven has to make plays in the backfield. The defensive backs need to rally to the football. If the Ravens mix creative and aggressive scheme with their booming talent, Charm City will be known as Sack City.