Could 4 Game Suspension Actually Help Darren Waller?


Darren Waller May Have Gotten Some Help By Being Punished

According to reports, Baltimore Ravens tight end, Darren Waller has been suspended for offending the substance abuse policy. One would think that this is the last thing a player on the bubble for making the roster would want. Counter-intuitively this may enhance Waller’s chances of staying on the active roster throughout the season.

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It is important to note that Waller probably was not going to make the 53 man roster, to face the Buffalo Bills, in week one. Waller is the fifth wheel at the tight end position. The Ravens moved him over to a crowded Tight End group, after originally having him as a wide receiver.

Waller was always a project player. Despite running a flexed wishbone offense, Georgia Tech receivers have a history of being stars in the NFL. Most notably, Calvin Johnson went to Georgia Tech. Demaryius Thomas was also a Yellow Jacket. The Ravens were hoping they could take a 6’6″ wide receiver and polish his game for the NFL.

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With Ben Watson, Crockett Gillmore, Maxx Williams and even Dennis Pitta being significantly ahead of him, Waller’s chances were about as slim as a Victoria’s Secret super model’s waistline. Being suspended, Waller does not count as on the Ravens roster for the first four weeks of the season. At that point, the Ravens will have a decision to make on Waller’s fate.

Injuries could take Waller from the fifth wheel, to a viable member of the team. Last year the Ravens had more injuries than most teams have in two seasons. Pitta is attempting a comeback from back to back season ending hip injuries and Gillmore has his own injury history. A couple bad breaks for the Ravens could make room for Waller to stay with the team.

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Waller’s chances are still slim. This however is one example of a good thing disguised as a bad thing. It is never good to get suspended. But by breaking the rules, he may have just caught a break.