Could Dennis Pitta Become The Ravens Go To Guy Again?


Dennis Pitta Is Attempting A Comeback. Can he resume his duties as Joe Flacco’s Go to guy?

Dennis Pitta and Joe Flacco just have a connection. They’re best friends, and they are always on the same page on the field. Pitta played a big role in the Super Bowl XLVII run. In the 2012 playoffs he had 14 receptions for 163 yards and three touchdowns. He made a clutch catch over his shoulder, against the Denver Broncos. Without that catch there may not have been a Super Bowl parade in Baltimore.

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Pitta was important to the Ravens. However it looks like the team has moved on from Pitta. They drafted Crockett Gillmore, Maxx Williams and Nick Boyle during his absence. They signed Ben Watson this offseason, and they paid him to be a weapon in the offense. Just to get on the field, Pitta has steep competition.

Pitta’s ability to stave off another season ending injury is another question surrounding the star tight end. On any given play in football, a player can lose it all. This is especially true for Pitta. Any play could be the end of his career.

So far, everything looks great. Everything I have seen on social media, every report I have read has nothing but praise and excitement for the way Pitta is performing in camp. If the other shoe never drops, and Pitta remains uninjured, what will his role be?

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Pitta’s chemistry with Flacco helps him immensely. Trust and familiarity go a long way in the relationship between quarterbacks and their targets. A healthy Pitta is one that will make plays.

The problem is that Pitta can’t just reclaim his throne. The Ravens signed Watson to be the big play-maker at the tight end position. The Ravens value Pitta. If the team wasn’t committed to him, he wouldn’t be on the team anymore. This suggests a lot of two tight end looks.

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Pitta is arguably the most accomplished of the Ravens’ tight ends. You could make an argument for Watson. The point is Pitta is not an up and coming star. He is a proven commodity. If Pitta can stay healthy (a massive if) he will get chances to shine.