Ravens Vs. Bills Q&A With BuffaLowDown Experts

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To help us prepare for the Buffalo Bills coming to town, we asked Bills experts some questions:

Hello and happy football season everyone. The NFL gets going tonight when the Denver Broncos host the Carolina Panthers. The Baltimore Ravens get their season underway on Sunday when they do battle with the Buffalo Bills. Today we’re getting ready for the Bills with the help of Dennis Moody and Ryan Brennan from BuffaLowdown.com.

We might as well dive into the questions:

1. The Ravens are familiar with Tyrod Taylor but as a backup. What are his strengths and weaknesses as a starter? How good can he be for the Bills?

The sky is truly the limit for Tyrod Taylor. Last season he started 14 games leading the team to an 8-6 record. He was not named the starter until the end of August so he had less time to get reps and build chemistry with his receivers than most starting quarterbacks. He found that chemistry with Sammy Watkins by the end of the year and the two look poised to have big years if they can remain healthy.

Tyrod Taylor’s biggest strengths come from his ability to run the ball (568 rushing yards) and his ability to avoid throwing interceptions (only 6). He can sling the ball down the field and hooked up with Bills receivers on many deep plays last year with pinpoint accuracy. One of his weaknesses from last season, his leadership, has turned into a strength this year. When he showed up to camp, he took command of the huddle and the players truly look to him as their franchise quarterback now.

Taylor’s current weaknesses include his ability to throw the ball over the middle of the field, his size, and his durability. Taylor runs the ball often and remains an injury risk until he learns how to avoid getting hit. Over the middle, he failed to complete many passes last season partly due to his inability to see over the offensive line since he’s 6’1″. How good Taylor can be depends upon him staying healthy. If he does he could be in the Top 10 or 15 quarterbacks in the league this year.

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