Marc Trestman Must Get Out Of The Ravens Way


Marc Trestman has to get out of the Ravens way. The Ravens offense has talent he has to let talented players do their thing.

The Baltimore Ravens offense managed to do just enough to win this game. It is clear however that Marc Trestman and the Ravens offense are like oil and water. While Trestman has an impressive pedigree but his play-calling is underwhelming.

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Trestman loves the dink and dunk passing game. While the short passing game is good, you need another element from your quarterback’s attack. Two yard passing routes are being called with too much frequency. A reoccurring theme to Trestman’s offense is routes short of the first down on third down. If you need six yards, maybe a four yard out is not the best route.

The one big play was Flacco’s 66  yard touchdown to Mike Wallace. The Bills had nobody in the middle of the field and it was an easy six points. Later in the game the Bills showed the Ravens a defense with no deep safeties. It was man coverage, no safety help and a blitz was coming. Flacco completed a first down pass to Wallace. The first down was nice, but with cover 0 it would have been nice to see at least one receiver running down the field.

With Trestman everything is limited. Everything is more difficult than it needs to be. He had excuses last season. Now he has good weapons. He has what he needs to be successful. Now he just needs to do it.

Another problem is his lack of committing to the ground game. The Ravens called 34 pass plays and 24 runs. Trestman is always thinking about his next pass. He has Flacco stay in the shotgun and it hampers the ground game.

There was a third down and short where he had Flacco throw a hopeless two yard pass. The offensive coordinator did the cornerback’s job for him and the Ravens had to punt. The running game was a better choice than an uneventful pass play with a cornerback draped all over the receiver. When you always think a short pass on third and short, the defense always thinks to stop that short pass.

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In a game where elevated defensive talent allowed Dean Pees to take a step forward, elevated offensive talent saw the same old Marc Trestman. Trestman needs to make some changes and get out of the way. The talent is there, he has to let that talent show itself on the field.