Are The Ravens and Redskins Really Rivals?


It’s the battle of the beltway, but Ravens Vs. Redskins really a rivalry?

It’s time for the battle of the beltway, which suggests a much more personal clash than it actually is. When the Pittsburgh Steelers come to town, Baltimore is geared up to another level. When the New England Patriots come to town, there is a buzz created by the rivalry. However when Washington drives over it doesn’t quite feel the same.

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This is actually a very big game. The Ravens need to prove that their 3-0 start wasn’t a fluke. Secondly they must continue to cushion themselves for a rougher second half of the season. The Redskins are 2-2 in a tough battle for the NFC East crown. 2-3 is a hole that nobody wants to be in. The stakes are high. Even if the rivalry doesn’t seem to be an important one.

Washington has bigger fish to fry. The Cowboys have been their rivals for decades. The Giants and Redskins don’t exactly get a long. The Eagles and Redskins is a very meaningful rivalry as well. The NFC East probably has the best overall grouping of long-time rivals.

Terrell Suggs once said of Ben Roethlisberger that “God can have his soul, but his butt belongs to me.” Suggs takes true joy in bringing down the Steelers quarterback. Suggs won’t even call Tom Brady by his name. I severely doubt that Suggs even cares about Kirk Couisins. When you evaluating the Ravens rivalries, Suggs is kind of the perfect barometer.

The only way I could see Baltimore having some kind of vendetta against Washington is the history of getting Baltimore a football team. The Redskins didn’t want Baltimore to fill it’s football vacancy. They wanted this market all for themselves. It didn’t exactly help Baltimore get a football team. In the end it worked out pretty good for Baltimore, but it could be a reason for a thorn in the relationship.

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The Ravens only play the Redskins when they are slated to go against the NFC East. The last time these two teams played a regular season game was 2012. While it didn’t go the Ravens way, it’s not like the Ravens Flock has been harboring bad blood for four years. I would not classify this as a rivalry, but yes, bragging rights are on the line.