Baltimore Ravens: Can Joe Flacco Turn It Around?


All eyes are on Joe Flacco coming out of the bye week. The Baltimore Ravens need him to turn his performance around. Can Joe get back on track?

Joe Flacco is less than a year removed from tearing his ACL and has made a tremendous comeback in the meantime. This season has been a struggle for him.  So far we are all wondering if he can turn it around?  It normally takes about a year after ACL surgery for players to return to their normal form.  It’s possible that he rushed back just so he wouldn’t miss any time under center. Since he rushed back, he might be a little hesitant about getting hurt again.

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The Ravens poor offensive line isn’t really helping Joe either.  He’s constantly getting knocked to the ground and only has a few seconds before being pressured.  He hasn’t been stepping up in the pocket for fear that someone might roll into his knee again.  The mental hurdles of his return seem to be challenging Flacco.

There are two things that might help Flacco turn this season around.  One, the offensive line must improve and stay healthy.  Two, the running game needs to get going.  If the offensive line gives Joe more time, he will be able to get more passes downfield.  An improved running game will give him more time in the pocket.

The more time in the pocket, the more chances the Ravens have to put points on the board.  The Ravens have been up 10-0 in a couple of games this season only to let those leads up.  Why not keep the momentum up the whole game instead of letting up?  It gets frustrating when a potential blowout becomes a nail-biter.

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It’s not a good thing when the Flacco is throwing more per game.  You have to have balance and use the time of possession in your favor.  If you can run and pass equally throughout the game and control the time of possession, you’ll be successful.  The slow starts don’t seem to be helping either.  Something needs to change for Flacco to turn this season around or else a lot of fans are going to losing interest in this team.