Baltimore Ravens: Justin Tucker Is The Coolest Kicker Ever


Justin Tucker is one of the best field goal kickers the NFL has ever seen. He is worth every penny the Baltimore Ravens paid him.

Justin Tucker is awesome. He just is. The opera singing place kicker is the epitome of Mr. Cool. He knows he’s good, he knows he is going to make the field goal and the fans know it too. The Ravens star kicker has made all 20 field goals he has kicked this season. That includes four kicks over 50 yards. We need to take a moment and appreciate what we’re seeing.

Monday Night Football was a train wreck of NFL officiating. Dan Carpenter got pummeled by Richard Sherman who jumped off sides. They did not call a roughing the kicker penalty. The officials however decided that Carpenter had to leave the game. Then the Bills had to spike the ball to get him back on the field. Then a delay of game call (that was the officials fault) made the Bills retry a longer field goal. It was a complete screw up by the referees. Justin Tucker weighed in on Twitter. It’s just impossible not to love this guy. He said what we all were thinking and with more authority than anyone, because he is a kicker.

Tucker is one of three kickers who haven’t missed a field goal this season. Adam Vinitieri is 19-19 with the Indianapolis Colts. Robbie Gould has made the one kick he has attempted this season for the New York Giants.

Tucker has made 89.3 percent of his career field goals and he has never missed an extra point. His first two seasons he made over 90 percent of his kicks. In 2013 he hit a 61 yard field goal that lifted the Ravens over the Detroit Lions. It was one of the most clutch performances you’ll ever see in sports. He went 5-5 that day and made the most impressive kick that I have ever seen.

There is no kicker as reliable as Justin Tucker. I never worry about Tucker making the kick. That feeling of ease is worth every penny the Ravens gave Tucker before the season. In fact, Tucker may be worth more than every penny the Ravens gave him.

The Bottom Line:

Matt Stover was amazing, but Tucker is taking it to an entirely new level. When Billy Cundiff missed the field goal in the the 2011 AFC Championship Game, we missed Stover badly. Tucker has filled the Stover void and now the Ravens trust their kicker more than any other player on their team.

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Tucker is having an incredible season. If he keeps it up he could have one of the all time great seasons in NFL history. You have to appreciate Tucker. He is without a doubt the coolest kicker of all time, and he continues to be one of the most proficient.