Brandon Williams Vs. Timmy Jernigan: Who Gets Paid?


The Baltimore Ravens have some tough decisions to make this offseason.  Should Brandon Williams or Timmy Jernigan get a long-term deal from the Ravens?

This offseason will be a crucial one for the Ravens in terms of retaining some important players on defense. Brandon Williams is set to be a free agent after this season, while Timmy Jernigan has one more year left. In order for the Ravens to keep their nucleus, the Ravens need to either sign Williams or Jernigan to a long-term deal. To me, Williams is the top priority after this season.

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Keeping Williams will help stabilize the defense for years to come. His run stopping ability helps the Ravens out in so many ways. He’s also one of the silent leaders on defense which the Ravens have lacked since the retirement of Ray Lewis.

I truly believe that this will be the year that Williams makes the Pro Bowl. Each year he’s been in the league, he’s improved his numbers and has helped the defense stop the run. Stopping the run is an important factor in the success of the Ravens defense.

The good news is, if they can’t sign Williams to a long-term deal, they can put the franchise tag on him. That way, they still have time to try to get a long-term deal with him. The catch here however is that the defensive lineman franchise tag isn’t cheap.

Now Timmy Jernigan is coming into his own this season, and he’s 3 years younger than Williams.  He’s started every game this season and has already exceeded his sack numbers from last season. I would hope Ozzie Newsome tries to sign both Williams and Jernigan, but the salary cap would limit the amount of money both players get.

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The Ravens don’t want to tie too much money on the defense when you have to improve the offense as well. Either way, the Ravens are in good shape when it comes to talent with Williams and Jernigan.