Baltimore Ravens: Ranking Need Level For Every Position

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NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens
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Level Of Need At Running Back: 5

The Ravens have two solid running backs in Kenneth Dixon and Terrance West. Dixon has off the charts potential. While the Ravens could upgrade at the position, it shouldn’t be a priority. The Ravens need to commit to running the football. If bringing in a more talented back pushes the Ravens to the right balance, I won’t complain. That being said, can we fairly grade the Ravens running backs after they were so neglected?

The Ravens need game changing talent. Dalvin Cook would be a game changer with the 16th pick in the NFL Draft. Cook reminds me of Ladainian Tomlinson. He has incredible speed, great vision and a surprising amount of power. If the Ravens brought in Cook it would change the offense. Cook might even replace West and would pair perfectly with Dixon.

The Ravens can choose to put a superstar in the backfield. It would change the offense. The problem is that the Ravens have much more pressing needs. I have a feeling that West and Dixon are more talented than most people think they are. The Ravens have a medium need for a running back, at best.