M&T Bank Stadium Ranked As Top NFL Experience In 2016


The Baltimore Ravens home stadium was ranked as the best NFL Stadium experience in 2016

The Ravens organization has a reputation of not only winning on the field, but off the field as well. The writers at Stadium Journey reviewed more than 700 stadiums around the United States in 2016 and ranked them based on their experience.

M&T Bank stadium, home of the Ravens, was ranked #14 overall and #1 in the NFL. It beat out the likes of Century Link field in Seattle, AT&T Stadium in Dallas, and Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. This may come a a surprise to many, but if you’ve been to a Ravens game, you definitely understand.

Simplicity At It’s Finest

The stadium officially opened in 1998 and can hold over 70,000 fans. It might not be a dome or have a giant jumbo-tron, but M&T Bank stadium is a great place to watch a game. There is nothing distracting you from watching the game. New stadiums being built today are focused on the fan experience, but tend to overdo it. There is no need for gigantic jumbo-trons and swimming pools in stadiums.

The simplicity of M&T Bank stadium is what makes it special. It features two smaller video screens behind each end-zone, which is more than enough. The openness allows for a perfect view of fly overs and pregame festivities. Outside of the stadium you can find the Ravens Walk, which features everything from food, music, and games for all ages. The Ravens Walk leads you right to the front of the stadium, where you will find the Johnny Unitas and Ray Lewis statues.

There is nothing too overwhelming and it makes for the perfect experience. It works for the most devout football fan and for the person who attending for the first time

Convenience Is Key

When you are attending a football game, the last thing you want to do is be stuck in traffic. M&T Bank is conveniently located right off of Interstate 95 and not directly in the city. This allows for an easy entrance and exit on game day. The stadium is located right next to Oriole Park at Camden Yards, so there is an abundance of parking spaces. Local businesses will also open up their lots for parking on game-days. If you do not want to drive, Baltimore has a light rail train that with 33 different stations throughout the city. One of the stops puts you at a two minute walk away from the stadium.

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Along with the travel convenience, the ticket prices are convenient as well. Ravens games are always sold out, but tickets are still not that expensive. The Ravens have consistently  ranked in the bottom half of the league for ticket prices. If you look hard enough and find the right seller, it is not hard to find tickets under $100 for most games. Having been to a number of games and sitting in different areas, I can say there is not a bad seat in the stadium. Even if you are sitting in the top section, you can see everything.

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