Super Bowl LI: Ray Lewis Gives Pregame Speech To Patriots

A video surfaces of Ray Lewis giving a pregame speech to the New England Patriots

The Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots are not arch rivals, but the two teams definitely do not like each other. Today, a video from the NFL’s twitter account showed Ray Lewis giving a pregame speech to the New England Patriots before Super Bowl LI.

It is unclear where Lewis is giving the speech, but there does not seem to be any New England Patriots around. During his pump up speech Lewis references Tom Brady saying, “let them see why you were picked in the 6th round.”

Lewis and Brady clashed a number of times during their careers, so this is surprising. Since retiring and going into sports media, he has been outspoken about the Brady and the Patriots.

During the AFC Divisional playoff round against the Houston Texans, Brady did not like a hit that he took. He complained to the referee, but got no response. Lewis and many others took to Twitter to express their thoughts.

Lewis also went on Fox Sports Speak For Yourself last Tuesday and picked the Atlanta Falcons to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. He got a rousing applause from the crowd.

Lewis Responds

Many questioned the video, but Lewis sent a tweet out an hour later.

From a Raven’s fan perspective, I am confused on why he did this speech. He has spoken out against Brady and the Patriots numerous times in his career. From what I could tell, I figured he did not like the organization. Why go and do a pregame speech for them? Lewis is known for his passionate speeches and this makes for a great publicity stunt, but I just do not like it.

At the end of the day Ray Lewis will go down as one of the greats. What he did for Baltimore is unmatched by any other person. Myself and Raven’s fans have the upmost respect for him, but this one is a head-scratcher.